Tammy Davis: My Adoption Story

I've experienced my own adoption journey, both as a birth mom and an adoptive parent.  My adoption journey and passion for helping others in the process started when I placed twin girls for adoption 26 years ago.  I promised myself that if I got through it with my heart and mind intact, I would help others navigate the process in a more supportive and respectful way.   I do not regret my decision for a second.  I only wish there had been more resources and support for me during the process.  I faced fall-throughs as a birth mom, which introduced more challenges at an already very difficult time.  It was during this time when I began speaking to birth mom support groups, attending Adoption Attorney seminars to present the birth mom perspective.  After a few years, with the guidance of adoption attorneys, I decided to start a company that offered personalized services for birth moms and prospective adoptive parents to help address the gap between making the decision to adopt and bringing home the baby.  21 years and over 700 families later, I am incredibly proud to continue to support that same mission.

Life came full circle 22 years ago when I became the adoptive parent.  After 2 years of IVF's, losses, and grief, we welcomed my son, Grayson into my family via private adoption.  Ten months later, via IVF, we welcomed our daughter Ally. With more IVF''s and a lot of prayer, Emily was born and completed our family.