Why work with the Family Building Project? Read some of our success stories below.

Featured Testimonial: Finding Caroline

In the early winter of 2013 we kicked off our own marketing campaign with a website, postcards and flyers, social media promotion and getting the word out through family and friends.  After a few months of some initial activity we realized that we needed a different approach for a few reasons:

  • we didn’t have the time to keep up the marketing momentum
  • we weren’t comfortable having discussions with prospective birthmothers and were unable to ask the right questions
  • our marketing tactics weren’t very effective


We attended one of Tammy’s seminars and walked away knowing that we had to do this. We finally felt like we were going to get a baby—that this was really going to work. It was such a refreshing and empowering concept. We could actually take more control of the process and have success. 

(Steve and Donna)




Talk to Tammy for five minutes, and you know that she really cares. With her, we feel like we’re not just a number. She only works with a certain number of clients. We know that she has our best interests at heart. The couples she helps are always on her mind. And she’s just as concerned about the health and well-being of the birth mothers. She is so committed and cares so much—this isn’t just a business or a job for her. This is something that she does with her heart and soul, and she’s really, really good at it.

(Carl and Rachel)



Jillian and Matthew

It was Tammy’s personality that did it. It wasn’t a business for her. You could feel that her whole thing was finding a baby for a couple and also finding homes for these children. She was on both ends of this. She could feel for both the birth mothers and the potential adoptive parents. Tammy was always so positive. I liked that we weren’t just a number. She worked with a small number of couples, and we were more able to get a personal feeling that way. She knew how to address our concerns and she made herself very accessible.

(Michael and Debbie)